Paige Mowbray

RSW 11894

Counselling / Psychology / Mental Health

Specializes in grief/loss and trauma

Provides clinical supervision Virtual and in-person Uses DBT, EMDR, Somatic work, CBT Sees individuals, couples and families

My Journey

I started my own journey with grief and trauma as a young person who experienced several losses. I studied psychology (BA- Carleton University 1997) and then social work (BSW 2014, MSW 2015- University of British Columbia). I worked for many years in the nonprofit sector, with women who had experienced intimate partner violence, youth homelessness, addiction and mental health. 

I then spent 10 years in healthcare, holding positions in mental health and substance use, emergency departments, intensive care and critical care units. My most meaningful moments were holding space for individuals and families trying to make it through the worst day's of their lives.

Working in private practice has allowed me to deepen and expand my relationships with clients and I am so honoured to walk alongside as they navigate some of life's greatest difficulties. 

I also provide clinical supervision to a number of Registered Social Workers and Registered Clinical Counsellors. As well, I supervise graduate students in social work and counselling psychology programs. 


Types of Grief / Loss and Trauma

- Death of a parent, child, partner or loved one

- Partner betrayal, loss of relationship

- Intimate partner violence

- Miscarriage, still birth and birth trauma

- Coping with a loved one's illness, addiction or anticipatory grief

- Childhood abuse

- Accident or Natural Disasters

- Workplace bullying, job loss

- Complex grief

- Violent or sexual assault

- Completed or attempted suicide

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