Finding relief and comfort after loss

Specialized support for grief and trauma in-person in downtown Vancouver and across British Columbia

Has your world been shattered? Do you feel broken? 

Are you worried that you will never feel a sense of peace again? 

Does it feel like your whole body is either drowning in terrible sadness or screaming in anxiety?

Is the pain so intense that it feels hard to even breathe?


Grief and trauma impact every part of our lives.

Our nervous system becomes overwhelmed and we struggle just to thnk straight.

You are not alone. Counselling can help.




Counselling can provide comfort, support and relief.

It can help bear the unbearable.

Evidence-based Care

EMDR, DBT, CBT-PTSD trained. IFS, somatic approach and EFT informed practice.

Compassionate Support

Find a safe space to explore your thoughts and feelings.

Flexible Scheduling

Book appointments that fit seamlessly into your life.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Grieving? Dealing with the impacts of trauma? Let's Navigate Together.

Let's find some footing again.

My clients describe me as warm, caring and down-to-earth. I bring a relational approach and your individual needs and experiences will shape our work together.

It takes courage to open up to someone, especially in the midst of terrible pain. I have so much respect for your willingness to take this next step.


Meet Paige

A compassionate guide through life's toughest moments.

At Paige Mowbray Counselling in Vancouver, BC, I specialize in navigating grief / loss and trauma.

Using DBT, EMDR, CBT-PTSD, IFS, EFT and a somatic approach, I offer a safe space for individuals, couples, and families to heal.